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A Private Tutor Matched to your Child

We understand that each child is unique and learns differently, so our tuition in Bexley Borough reflects that. Even the most diligent of teachers won’t always have the time needed to dedicate towards an individual child when there is a large class to attend to. Tutor Doctor aims to carefully match private home tutors with students and can tailor work requirements to suit age, aptitude and ability. No matter what age, our tutors can provide educational support for Primary to 11+, GCSE and A-Level,. All key subjects are covered: Maths, English, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, French, German and Spanish. Give your child the best start in life with bespoke tutoring sessions from Tutor Doctor.

guaranteeing a customized learning experience for success

Our Guarantee to You

Tutor Doctor is committed to every family’s total satisfaction. Our goal is to help each student become the competent and confident learner we know they can be. Our approach depends on more than high marks—it depends on our pupils enjoying their tutoring sessions with a tutor who was handpicked for them. We connect private tutors to their students based on learning style and personality after conducting a comprehensive assessment of your students’ academic needs.

Our guarantee stipulates that if you or your child does not like your tutor, we will happily change your assigned tutor to find a better match. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund any unused tutoring hours you have within 60 days of purchase.

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  • “Our experience was great, the tutoring was good and we will surely use their services again next academic session”

    Mark Odenore
  • “It has been since two years I am with tutor doctor for my son and I think I have made best decision to choose this platform for my son support in maths , they have provided best teacher Shindo who my son and is so comfortable and my son performance at school has grown so high that he is now one of the students top in his class and goes for maths quiz also , his teacher Shindo is excellent in her work and my son has become so confident in his maths . I strongly recommend them.”

  • “Our son started with Tutor Doctor about 5 months ago, we are very happy with the tutoring and services we have received to this point. Tutor Doctor listened to our initial requirements and matched it with a very quick turn around. Ishaan has a great rapport with his tutor and we have already seen good progress.”

    Indy M
  • “I found Tutor doctor online and had a session with Dave to match Alina with my daughter for Maths tutoring.
    I am pleased to say my daughter Maths has improved greatly and she has already moved levels in just 2 months.”

    Isabelle Mpafe
  • “Cannot recommend Tutor Doctor enough, lessons tailored to the students needs, a reliable, friendly and professional service. Our sons confidence and ability in maths has improved enormously and he actually enjoys the sessions , particularly as he can see the results in his school work.”

    SARAH Rees
  • “A big thank you to Tutor Doctor and specifically to Mrs Amanda in helping my daughters with their studies for the 11 plus.
    they enjoyed learning and showed an impressive progress in all the subjects especially in english.
    they both passed the test with good scores.”

    Kareen Nassar
  • “My son is halfway through is maths course and one of the points he raised almost immediately was that he undersood it so much more on a one to one basis and that Kaj, his turor was really good at explaining how to work out the sums or formula. From the start, David and his team have been really helpful and matched my Son with his tutor Kaj perfectly. We are currently using the online bramble platform due to covid but it works really well and is very professional tool.”

    Clare Robins
  • “We were pleased with the detailed process Tutor doctor went through to explain the one to one tutoring service they offer before we signed up for the service. Our child was matched up with a good A level math tutor and we were very pleased with the outcome.”

    Henry Mezu
  • “Tutor Doc have been amazing. They matched the perfect tutor with my daughter. Emily was fantastic, she saw my daughter’s potential after she had been written off at school. Emily was emphatic, understanding and professional. My daughters confidence grew exponentially under Emily’s guidance and she is now thriving at college.
    I couldn’t recommend a better tutoring organisation”

    Alison Swain
  • “Firstly I cannot recommend Tutor Doctor services highly enough, from the first conversation I had with David, who is a very friendly and polite man, I knew the company was very professionally run. I didn’t feel in anyway pressured to sign up but am so glad we did as David found my daughter an amazing maths tutor whom has helped my daughter not only with her maths skills but has improved her confidence too. I’ve never experienced such a professional service like this company. We get weekly update reports so I can see how well my daughter is progressing and her grades at school have improved so much. This company just goes that extra mile to help and I’m so happy to have found them online, definitely a 5 star service.”

    Kim – Bexleyheath
  • “Our son’s confidence and ability in maths has improved enormously since working with Cliff , we cannot thank Tutor Doctor enough for matching him. Because each lesson is planned and structured around our sons learning style he is actually enjoying the subject and looks forward to his weekly session.”

  • Tutor Doctors’ matching was great. Alina is an outstanding tutor. She is enthusiastic about Biology and it has improved my son’s confidence in his learning of the subject. Tutor Doctors has been great support for my son. His confidence has improved and the tutor’s passion for the subject is beginning to rub off my son. I will highly recommend Tutor Doctors to my friends.”

  • “My Son needed some assistance with his GCSE science and a tailored tuition was planned for him. His Tutor Thadsana has been great and his level in physics has improved in school. She’s punctual, professional at all times and engaging! I recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone looking for consistent delivery of tuition.”

    Juliette – Bexleyheath
  • We wish to place on record our complete satisfaction with the tutors and tutorials that our granddaughter receives. The tutors arrive promptly and make the lessons in both the English and Maths interesting which makes [our child] keen to learn.”

    Wendy – Bexleyheath
  • “Very rarely do you find a service so professional yet so friendly. I first spoke to Tutor Doctor last summer when on the search for a private tutor for my 8 year old daughter. I had contacted at least a dozen other people before I met David and it was immediately clear that Tutor Doctor were head and shoulders above the rest. When calling other providers I had endured weeks of unreturned messages and pointless (sometimes quite unpleasant) meetings so when David and I met, it was a genuine breath of fresh air. He did a professional assessment of my daughter and sourced the PERFECT tutor for her – both in terms of her academic needs and her personality type. To cut a long story short, I have done the leg work trying to find a private tutor so you don’t have to 😉 I 100% recommend Tutor Doctor.”

    Daniel Norman
  • “Very supportive service, attention to detail to ensure your have all the information and support you need. Well written in depth parent reports so you can see progress. I paid a small amount higher for a tutor through Tutor Doctor, but you get a whole lot more support, information & learning… so good value for your money and a service you can trust.”

    Jane Pickford
  • “Great service. The team will always accommodate and take into account any issues your child maybe experience and work with the parent to help your child move forward.”

    Radha D.
  • Maths continued to be an incomprehensible mystery to my daughter, and in the run up to GCSE’s this summer we decided to see if anything or anyone could help her. Tutor doctor have been excellent in finding a tutor well matched to help with my daughter’s maths phobia, and over the past weeks she has become less afraid of maths and feels more confident that she will be able to pass her GCSE. Levi is an excellent tutor and is very calm!

    Georgina – Sidcup
  • “Our son is in year 9. Earlier this year he came home from school with an abysmal maths report. We approached Tutor Doctor, who suggested weekly lessons. After the first visit, our son said he had learned more in that hour than he had learned in maths over the previous two terms. Over the ensuing weeks the tutor took the trouble to understand our son’s weaknesses, smartly pulled him up on his lazy tendencies, sharpened his attention, and he now understands everything he has been taught, from trigonometry to simultaneous equations. “The tutor is far better than any teacher I have ever had,” he says. As night follows day, we will be using Tutor Doctor in year 10 for his English, too.”

    Bill – Crayford
  • “Highly recommend Tutor Doctor if your child is suffering with low confidence heading into the exam season. Cliff (Tutor) has been excellent and has improved George’s ability massively in mathematics.”

    Tom – Welling

The Tutor Doctor Process

We have a comprehensive, collaborative approach and work together with your child and teachers to identify the right strategies and find the perfect tutors.

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